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Businesses switch to DIRECTV because: 

1) The cost saving makes sense; 
​2) DIRECTV provides a real solution to current problems.  ​
​​To determine if DIRECTV is right for your business or community, lets identify the following:

STEP 1 Channels & Rates:
a. Does DIRECTV offer the programming I'm looking for?
b. Do the package rates work for my bottom line?
​c. Does content, HD, or a robust interface add value to my business?
STEP 2  Equipment and Labor:
a. Do I need a simple or more robust channel lineup?
b. How many buildings are involved?
c. Are the buildings connected and do I own the cable connecting them?
d. Is my building wired with coaxial cable (RG-6 or RG-59)?
e. Is the cable home-run (point-to-point) or looped (daisy-chained)?

These are some of the questions to be answered.  Every customer has different needs, requiring a system to be customer designed to meet their goals

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